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This Website is to point out how the planet is dealing with pollution in its ecosystem.

This website is in more than 30 different languages...
I started making this website because I had the Idea of instead of just doing a project paper for my class I could spread my information around the continents...
this site was inspired while we were @ school, we read an article about the schools in Afghanistan
WE WANT TO HEAR FROM U!!!!!!!!!! we may just be kids but we have great ideas! and the more money we make the better education they get!!!
Water Education
Student Created wiki on information about conserving water resources.
In this site, we will explain everything you ever wanted to know, needed to know, and even some things you don't need to know or want to know, for that matter, about women soldiers in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.
History Fair Project
We are making a site for middle school students who want to learn in a more interactive way instead of using textbooks.
I am Making Site For Students to get appropriate material for IITJEE.One can get everything about IITJEE on this site
Connectivity between all of the students within Serampore locality
We want to use this wiki for a better connectivity between the schools of Serampore. Exchanging question-papers, contacting teachers, get help in projects and studies will be a lot easier.
Explore Josh's School Projects and Events
To use it for faster communication, and to live for a better change in our classroom materials.
Engineering website for Concordia University Canada.
Share sample exams and any information regarding courses offered at Concordia.
Save Darfur
Ways to help the current Darfur crisis, and what one school did to contribute. Nominated for a Wetpaint Golden Paint Can Award.
Preparing chemistry students in high school to take a comprehensive final exam, namely the Regents Examination.
This is a final project for one of my college classes, being a Chemistry major, I'm making a review site for this comprehensive exam, one topic at a time. Even if students are not taking this particular exam, they may find it helpful in reviewing the topics covered in their class.
For class 9 students
It is the site where one can improve their IQ, equip studies with fun and games and get notes, discussions etc. Brain gym activities are such that you IQ will increase by 75%. Guaranteed!
This site has a lot of usefull info on essay writing.
In this site one can find a lot of writing tips, usefull information on essay paper formats and interesting essay topics.
For college and university students
This is a resource created for essay writing help.
For creative students in years 3 to 6 ...
And some more stuff with that.
This site has a well organised navagation bar for easy page entering.