The educational wikis on this page are listed in alphabetical order.

Wiki: 2nd Grade Class Wiki
Teacher: S. Ibrahim
School: Elementary School in Southern California, USA
Description: A site to provide an audience for 2nd graders to share their learning with the world!

Wiki: 21centuryteched
Teacher: Michael Gorman (Join me at my blog)
School: Southwest Allen County Schools, Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Description: Exciting Wiki for those educators wishing to engage students with 21st Century skills, Project Based Learning, and NET-S standards on the cheap. There really are lots of great things out there you can incorporate inexpensively. This Wiki provides links that will take you to my growing list along with documents made by the author representing great ideas and lessons to incorporate engaging activities that promote achievement.

Teacher: Jennifer Garcia
School: Academia Britanica Cuscatleca, Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Description: This is a site I am developing for ICT teaching and learning at our school, as well as student project showcasing for grades 6-8.

Wiki: ABC Learning Resources Centre
Teachers: Jennifer Garcia and Judith Shorrocks
School: Academia Britanica Cuscatleca, Santa Tecla, El Salvador
Description: This is our learning resources centre/library website. We are building a strong collection of resources for the community.

Wiki: Adams News Wiki
Teacher: Stu Woodward
School: Adams Middle School, Redondo Beach, California
Description: A site maintained by students to distribute news and other happenings at the school.

Wiki: Ah Bon French: Middle School
Teacher: J. Thomas
School: Middle School, USA
Description: A site for French beginners for Middle School teachers to use in the classroom and for students to use at home for extra practice. There are notes, flashcards, videos, and several online exercises, stressing differentiated instruction. There is also a link to my other site that is the equivalent of 8th grade French and 1st semester French I, in high school.

Wiki: ahsmedia
Teacher: Colleen Mills Williams, ALA MLS
School: Apalachee High School, Winder, GA USA
Description: An online media center space which encourages collaboration between the school's media specialists, teachers and students.

Wiki: Amistad
Teacher: Rick Biche
School: A. Crosby Kennett Middle School
Description: Student generated content about the Amistad incident and the Industrial Revolution. This was an introductory project for our students and some of our teachers.

Wiki: Arbor Heights Elementary
Teacher: Mark Ahlness
School: Arbor Heights Elementary, Seattle WA U.S.A.
Description: Just starting out. May well replace school web site.

Wiki: The Aristotle Experiment
Teacher: David Conlay
School: Estancia High School, CA U.S.A.
Description: Definitely an experiment. We started with the idea that anything that needed to be taught could probably best be learned by the students themselves, therefore (hopefully) shifting the focus of the class from the teacher to the student.

Wiki:Armstrong U.S. History Wiki
Teacher: Anthony Armstrong (Twitter: a_armstrong)
School: Del Mar Middle School, Tiburon CA
Description: An 8th grade U.S. History class wiki designed around students investigating and doing history, not having it fed to them.

Wiki: Art Education
Teacher: Peter van Steenwijk
School: Carolus Clusius College Holland
Description : As teacher and artist I give students and persons information.

Wiki: Art4cast
Teacher: Rosemary Mitchell
School: Woodrow Wilson Elementary
Description: This wiki is used to communicate, schedule, plan, and collaborate with the 30 teachers - a wonderful tool for an art specialist reaching 650 students for an hour a week.

Teacher:Cathy Francis
School:St Thomas,Keith, Scotland www.stthomasrcprimary.org.uk
Description: Ages 10 and 11 first attempt at class collaboration Wiki all about Pakistan instead of the usual topic book or folder!
Class Blogs: Art, Salmon, Eco

Wiki: Auladiver
Teacher: Francisco Muñoz de la Peña.
Teacher Blog: Aulablog21
Otros wikis: Aulawiki21
School: I.E.S. Carolina Coronado de Almendrelejo (Spain)
Description: Alumnos de 3º y 4º de ESO /Educación Secundaria Obligatoria) del Programa de Diversificacación Curricular.

Wiki: A Woodbridge's Classroom Wiki
Teacher: A. Woodbridge
School: Grover Cleveland HS (New York, NY)
Description: Classroom Wiki

Wiki: Barnwood Geography
Teacher: Alan Banks
School: Barnwood Park Arts College, Gloucester, UK
Description: Geography Department Learning Portal, containing all lesson, revision, coursework and homework resources for KS3 and 4 Geography and Leisure and Tourism courses. The site was designed using Microsoft Office Live as an entry point and the Wikispaces for all content.

Teacher: Gary Klingman
School: Middle School in Atlanta Georgia
Description: This is a site for my 8th Grade World History Class. It is used for monitoring note taking, as an information page, and mostly for collaborative learning. I am interested in finding a school either in the US or outside who might be interested in creating a collaborative project.

Wiki: Bergmann Science Science Class Wiki
Teacher: Chris Bergmann
School: Kinard Middle School (Website)
Description: Middle School Science Website resource with class resources, videos, pictures and much more!
Topic: Science, Physical Science

Wiki: Bergmann Vikings French and History Class Wiki
Teacher: Angela Bergmann
School: Lesher Middle School
Description: Middle School French and History Website resource with class resources, videos, pictures and much more!
Topic: FRENCH, History, Geography

Wiki: Big Horn Summer Read 2009
School: Big Horn Middle School (Big Horn, Wyoming)
Description: a Wiki designed to encourage summer reading for students and staff, and serve as a forum to share those reading experiences
Topic: reading

Wiki: Blackhill
Teacher: Calvin Tromp
School: Black Hill Primary
Description: A primary (elementary) school in Ballarat, Australia. We are experimenting using ICT having upgraded computers and installed IWBs. This site is planned to show teachers what wikis can do. We have linked some classroom wikis to it and other resources.

Wiki: Bishop Blogs Spanish Class Wiki
Teacher: William Bishop (Professional Blog Lost Johns)
School: Haleyville High School (Bishop Blog Spanish Blog)
Description: Spanish Class Wiki (Website at HHS)
Topic: Spanish, Foreign Language

Wiki: BookLeadsWiki--Reading Resources
Teacher/Librarian: Joyce Valenza (NeverEnding Search Blog)
School: Springfield Township High School
Description: Resources for promoting reading
Topic: books, reading, libraries

Wiki: Booktalking With You
Teacher/Librarian: Carol VanHook (21st C Literacy Ave Blog)
School: Southeast Polk Senior High School
Description: Resources for promoting reading
Topic: book reviews and podcasts, reading, literacy -- global wiki, to join and edit send request at wiki site.

Wikis: BritishRomanticism, 304Sophs, HonorsBrit
Teacher: Damian Bariexca
School: Hunterdon Central Regional High School, Flemington, NJ
Description: BritishRomanticism: Researched & created by students in my Honors Major British Writers course, May 2007. Provides a humanities-based overview of the British Romantic era (ca. 1789-1824). 304Sophs & HonorsBrit: Semester-long pervasive research projects for Sophomore English & Honors British Lit classes.

Wiki: bbamusic
Teacher: Neil Freebern
School: Burr and Burton Academy
Description: This wiki was built to serve as the online resource site for all music courses at Burr and Burton Academy. All projects and resources are stored in one location for all courses. Student build their own portfolios as well and link to our site.

Wiki: CanadianIdentity.com
Teacher: David Spencer
School: Canadian schools
Description: Information about Canadian buildings, documents, events, expressions, groups, inventions, persons, places, programs or symbols.

Wiki: Cartierm
Teachers: - Mary Cartier - guest ( guest (
Location: Walled Lake, Mi
School: Walnut Creek Middle School, Mi
Description: Class structure and organization, and a place where Spanish students display their work and communicate with both the teacher and each other.
Topic: World Language, Spanish, Life Management

Wikis: The Caves of Mull
Teacher: Neil Winton
School: Perth Academy, Perth, Scotland
Description: A wiki based 'choose your own adventure' game created by pupils as part of their Writing course.

Wikis: ccit205, ccit300, ccit300-f06, ccit333
Teachers: Michael Jones/David Gelb
School: Sheridan College/University of Toronto, Mississaga, Communication, Culture and Information Technology (CCIT) Program, Oakville/Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Description: 205 was a survey course in digital innovation and culture, 300 a course in critical analysis of media, and 333 looking at understanding user opinion in technology design. Classes used wikis as a core component of class work, mostly involving defining terms of relevance to the course. This was done in lieu of using other learning management systems (at Sheridan, WebCT Vista) and in every case to good effect (if only because WebCT Vista has serious issues...) Students defined what they were to write about and why, as can be expected at a university-level course. Labs for courses were structured to advance collaborative exploration and experimentation in the course Wiki, including support for collaborative editing and technical assistance. Students were evaluated on quality, relevance and timeliness of content, activity in editing work of others and contributing to group cohesion, and their analysis and reflection of their activities.

Wiki: CESA 5 Math Science Partnership
Teacher: Kari Augustine
School: CESA 5 - Cooperative Educational Service Agency 5 in South Central Wisconsin
Description: This Wiki will allow us to collect and share resources as we begin a three-year grant that includes action research. I hope to use this Wiki to develop a hands-on workshop for teachers to build a Wiki to use in their own teaching as part of the math mentoring I'll be doing as project director.

Wiki:CK California
Teacher:Susan Nisan
School:Keyes to Learning Charter School
Description: This space was designed as a model for a workshop of Core Knowledge® teachers new to wikis and will be used by those teachers to collaborate on K-8 lesson plans.

Wiki: Classroom20wiki
Teacher: Multiple Teachers
School: Multiple Schools
Description: This site is devoted to building resources for the classroom and professional-development use of Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies.

Wiki: Classroom Google Earth
Teacher: Tom Barrett (Teacher Blog)
School: Priestsic Primary School, Nottinghamshire, England
Description: I would like this space to be somewhere that allows students, teachers and other colleagues to share classroom based resources and ideas for Google Earth.

Wiki: Classroom Queen
Teacher: Kimberly Brown (Class Blog)
School: Haultain Community School, Grade 6 & 7, Saskatchewan, Canada
Description: I will be using this space for collaborative research projects, story telling, math and science problem solving. I invite other middle years students and teachers to add to our wiki pages.

Wiki: Code Blue
Teacher: Kim Cofino (Teacher Blog)
School: Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Description: Grade 6 students learning about the human body open their own "online medical clinic."

Wiki: CollegeLists
Teacher: Shelley Krause (Teacher Blog)
School: Rutgers Preparatory School, Delaware Valley, NJ
Description: Primarily for counselors or teachers supporting students in their college search process. Links to college-related search engines as well as lists of colleges that fit unusual criteria (e.g. schools with observatories, schools that are welcoming of gay/lesbian students, community colleges with dormitories... over 200 lists now!)

Wiki: Collaboration Nation
Teacher: Paul Bogush (Class Blog -- Teacher Blog)
School: Moran Middle School CT, USA
Description: Grade 8 wiki for my 19th Century US History Class. We are always looking to collaborate with other schools. We are very flexible on topics. Stop by and let us know what you are interested in collaborating on!!

Wiki: Comic Life Meets the Curriculum (and Beyond!)
Teacher(s): Marilee Sarlitto & Judith Epcke
School(s): Kildeer School, IL & Northbrook District 28
Description: This wiki is a place for resources, ideas, and templates for using Comic Life software by plasq. If you know of additional links we should add or have any questions about Comic Life, please contact us!

Wiki: Computer Assisted Grouping Program
Teacher: Jim Watson
School: Eugene, OR School District 4J
Description: Free downloads of program (Mac or PC) for classroom use, instructions and grouping research. Group sociometrically, by criteria (heterogeneously or homogeneously), randomly or manually. Readme is recommended for download and start up instructions. Please send feedback to grouperfeedback@gmail.com.

Wiki: The Connected Classroom
Teacher: Kristin Hokanson (Blog)
School: Upper Merion Area High School
Description: Professional Development wiki for teachers with emphasis on developing 21st Century Skills for students.

Wiki: Cool Tools For Schools
Teacher: Lenva Shearing (Blog)
School: Bucklands Beach Intermediate School, Auckland, New Zealand
Description: A site to help teachers and students find web2.0 tools to suit their needs and purpose.

Wiki: Corpus
Teacher: Claudia Ceraso (Blog) - cceraso cceraso
School: AACI- Asociación Argentina de Cultura Inglesa. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Description: An e-portfolio for English as a foreign language (EFL) learners. This work aims at exploring possibilities of assessment as learning.

Wiki: Cyber Chickens
Teacher: Jan Abernethy (Blog)
School: Greenville Area School District, East Elementary
Description: A wikispace to showcase the work of a 5th grade class in Greenville, PA

Wiki: desbuffalo
Teacher: Beverly Koopman (Classroom Blog)
School: Discovery Elementary, Buffalo, Minnesota
Description: This wiki is designed as an interactive space for students who record their daily assignments, collaboratively write wiki-books and engage in discussions about books they have read and enjoyed. Feel free to contribute! Go to the blog link to see posts about classroom happenings, or to listen to podcasts done during a monthly Senior Citizen/student collaborative writing project.

Wiki: DHS Espanol
Teacher: Srta. Rogers
School: Darlington High School
Description: This "espacio de wiki" is designed for Darlington students looking to improve their Spanish skills. It provides daily lesson plans with assignments, helpful links, podcasts, and information about Club Español.

Wiki: Digital Arts Technology Academy Wiki
Teacher: Matt Cauthron, Digital Imaging Instructor, Apple Distinguished Educator, mcauthron@psusd.us
School: Digital Arts Technology Academy (DATA), Cathedral City High School, Cathedral City, Ca.
Description: The DATA Wiki is a series of wikis used to support the Academy. Students access and contribute to the content through embedded Google calenders and media from our Digital Arts Education Ning, as well as cataloging an ongoing collection of digital imaging projects. This site acts as a nerve center for students in accessing all of the DATA sites: Whats New Blog, Digital Arts Education Ning, Digital Arts Technology Academy main site, Digital IMaging Galleries, i_Portfolios, The Prowler.us (CCHS online magazine), and DATA_Cast archives.

Wiki: Digital Literacy at Millis High School
Teacher: David A. Di Giammerino
School: Millis High School
Description: A Web 2.0 wiki written by students for students. The wiki is designed to teach students, and teachers, about Web 2.0 and how to apply the technologies for learning. Before applications are discussed, there is an extensive section on how to use the Web responsibly and ethically. Each application is defined and, in some cases, multimedia reources used to explain the what and how principles underlying the technology. It is a living, breathing document and we are always accepting input on how to improve the work to better help educate the value of Web 2.0 in secondary education.

Wiki: Digital Media in Teaching and Learning
Teacher: Tony Whittngham
School: Randwick Campus, TAFE, Sydney, Australia
Description: A wiki to support workshops for teachers on the use of digital media tools to add value to teaching and learning. Sections for audio, video and images with exercises at three levels for each media. Lots of examples from students and a link to the current workshop with exercise solutions. Extensive use of widgets and a "What's New" section to keep teachers up-to-date.

Wiki: Dorman-Data-Digest
Teacher: Jennifer Dorman
School: Holicong Middle School
Description: This wiki was created as a classroom supplement for 9th grade American history students.
Topic: American History (End of Reconstruction through the end of WWII)

Wiki: Discovery -Isms
Teacher: Ben Wilkoff (Teacher Blog)
School: Cresthill Middle School
Description: I want my students to know who they are, completely. I want them to be able to stand up to people who disagree, and I want you to know that they are right. I want them to enter high school with an absolute confidence that no one will be able tear down or cut through. More than anything else, I want their voice to be clear as crystal when they say, “I am me.” That is what this wiki aims to do.

Wiki: Discovery Utopias
Teacher: Ben Wilkoff (Teacher Blog)
School: Cresthill Middle School
Description: The students on the Discovery team are creating a pluralistic vision of perfection in society. They use this wiki to answer all of the great questions of society (What is the role of government, What is the responsibility of the individual, etc.) and come to a collaborative consensus about what a society truly needs in order to reach for perfection and sustainability.

Wiki: Dr. Reich's Chemistry Wiki
Teacher: Dr. B. Jesse E. Reich's class blog
School: Natick High School, Natick, MA
Description: This site is a classroom management tool to orchestrate and facilitate collaborative learning in a high school chemistry class.

Wiki: Driscoll-Class
Teacher: Tom Driscoll
School: Tourtellotte Memorial High School (Thompson, CT)
Description: This is a social studies class website that provides a variety of course materials (Powerpoints, assignments, links) and interactive discussion boards for students. The major thematic focus is on American Government, poltical participation and citizenship.

Wiki: Earth Klimate Analysis Mission
Teacher: JoAnne Hoeffner
School: Mardela Middle High School, Mardela Springs, MD
Description: Due to the very busy fall schedule of the shuttle and space station astronauts and associated missions and repairs, the fall mission of EarthKAM will consist of a contest in which we investigate, explore, analyze and annotate images from previous EarthKAM and NASA missions.

Wiki: Eat Me!
Teacher: Sally Tippett
School: Staffordshire, UK
Description: Using this as a starting point, but now looking at a wiki for collaborative story writing.

Wiki: Educational Software and Web 2.0
Teacher: Suzie Vesper (ICT facilitator to nine schools)
School: Muritai School in Wellington, New Zealand (and eight other schools in our cluster)
Description: I have put up resources on different educational software I work with (most of which are free). I have put notes up on how they can be used and include tutorials where I have made them. I have also taken Web 2.0 tools and talked about each type of one and given examples of how they are used. Anyone can edit this wiki so I invite people to add to this resource and then add your details to the contributors page.

Wiki: Educational Origami
Teacher: Andrew Churches
School: Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand.
Description: This wiki is about education, learning and pedagogy. I have been focusing on 21st Century skills including revising Bloom's Taxonomy to be more inclusive of Information and Communication Technologies. Bloom's Digital taxonomy includes web 2.0 technologies and digital behaviours and is supported by rubrics for Middle and Senior school. I have also posted work there on sensory learning styles and ICT and traditional and Digital approaches to teaching and learning.

Wiki: eduwiki.us
Educator: Michael Baker Jr.
School: South Side Area School District, Pa, USA
Description: Where Everyone Works Together to Build a Better Learning Community. A global collaborative effort to stimulate conversation between all educators.

Wiki: e-digiskills
Teacher: Hans Feldmeier
School: Realschule Regenstauf, Germany
Description: All about digital skills related!

Wiki: e-Portfolios
Teacher: Al Tucker
School: Center for Arts & Technology, Pickering Campus, Phoenixville, PA USA
Description: Supporting model site for our student's e-portfolio project. The project has all 500 plus students at our school documenting their research, writing, job shadow experience and final graduation projects. This will result in each student developing a career portfolio that can be used in job interviews or placement interviews with admissions counselors.

Wiki: EmprendeWiki.com
Teacher: Miguel Angel Martin Ruiz
School: IES Almenara. Velez Malaga (Spain)
Description: A wiki site for department and teacher web pages and the publication of student work.

Wiki: English Place
Teacher: David Johncock
School: Marymount Secondary School
Description: English Language and Literature, with a focus on secondary ESL students. A large repository of links to online resources, tips for students preparing for Hong Kong public examinations, collaborative composition and critical appreciation practice.

Wiki: English VG1
Teacher: Lisa Stornes and Kristin Bruknapp
School: Sauda Videregående Skole, Norway
Description: A Wiki covering the curriculum for upper secondary/high School ESL students covering topics such as The English Speaking World, British and American history, language, culture, literature etc. Also hoping to collaborate with other ESL classes on some projects. Please get in touch if you want to collaborate on a project.

Wiki: eToolBox
Educator: Dianne Krause
School: Wissahickon School District
Description: This space is intended as a virtual eToolBox of resources for integrating technology into the classroom. It is chocked-full of resources, how-tos, use in classroom, examples and more.

Wiki: Exploring Geography
Teacher: Suryaveer Singh
School: S. D. Public School, Pitampura, India
Description: Setting up a extended classroom wiki gave Class 10 Geography students extra opportunities to post and edit their work- lessons, links, handouts, presentation, videos, games and comic movies - online, thus allowing their teacher and fellow students to provide comment and feedback. This is an integrated approach towards 21st century learning. It is also open for collaborate on a project. (Geography)

Wiki: FHS Wolves Den
Teacher: Jennifer Barnett (Teacher Blog)
School:Fayetteville High School, Alabama, USA
Description: Grade 11 wiki for English and U.S. History classes - hub for class lectures, essays, novels, projects, links, learning applications, discussions, and more.

Wiki: Equipos Microinformáticos
Teacher: Ángeles Araguz
School: IES Vista Alegre, Madrid
Description: A Wiki covering the curriculum for high School Profesional Education students covering topics related to IT Tecnlogies, and written by my students and I. You are very wellcome to colaborate with us in any way. Se trata de un wiki que cubre el curriculum del ciclo de Formación Profesional de grado medio, Equipos Microinformáticos y Terminales de Comunicación. Sois bienvenidos a colaborar en nuestro proyecto

Wiki: Falcon Films
Teacher: Trent Jensen
School: Clearfield High School, Clearfield, UT
Description: A wiki site for the publication of student work from Clearfield High's Multimedia and Video Production classes. Contains videos uploaded from TeacherTube, as well as Flash animations and games created by students.

Wiki: FantasTIC - La Clase de Susi
Teacher: María Jesús Rodríguez Arenas
School: Colegio Hispania, Cartagena (España)
Description: A meeting space for teacher, students and parents, in order to communicate news, tests, general information, etc., covering our tutorial needs. It's edited by students, parents and me. Included into my FantasTIC Project.
Descripción: Lugar de encuentro entre profesores, alumnos y padres, para comunicar noticias, exámenes, información general, etc. cubriendo más ampliamente la acción tutorial del profesor. Está editado por alumnos, padres y la propia profesora. Está incluido dentro del Proyecto FantasTIC.

Wiki: Flat Classroom project
Teacher: Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis
School: International School Dhaka, Bangladesh and Westwood Schools, Camilla Georgia
Description: Based on the book by Thomas Friedman this project aims to foster project collaboration between students on opposite sides of the world. Using Web2.0 tools students interact and produce a wiki page with content based on one of the ten flatteners from Friedman's book.

Wiki: Flat Planet Project
Teachers: Simon O'Carroll and Neil D'Aguiar
Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada and New Malden, Surrey, United Kingdom
Schools: Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School and Richard Challoner Secondary School
Description: An international online collaborative project on the environment from a Catholic perspective between two religious education classes
Topic: Environment, Catholic Ethics/Morality

Wiki: fletcherwiki
Teacher: Shaun Fletcher
School: Eleanor W. Graham Middle School
Description: A place for students to access homework, science/math related interactive websites in class , communication with parents on ongoing or past projects, (more to come)
Topic: Math and Science

Wiki: fpms7up
Teacher: Jennifer Belden
Other Wikis: My high school religion class wiki on Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Fathers) seemed to come out okay too - KehillahPirkeiAvot
School: Forest Park Middle School - 7-Up Team, Springfield, Massachusetts
Description: Our partially on-line unit on Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain (using Globe edited edition). Students are involved with discussion threads and creating final projects. I'm pretty pleased with their buy-in! Looking forward to using this type of project with future classes as well...

Wiki: Free Stuff for Science Teachers
Educator: Michael Horton, Science Coordinator
Office: Riverside County Office of Education
Description: Here are 100 free resources for science teachers including bookmarks, posters, kits, applets, lesson plans, and more. Go to the home page to see the Science Inquirer newsletter, answer survey questions, and discuss the California Science Instructional Materials.

Wiki: French: Middle School
Teacher: J. Thomas
School: Middle School, USA
Description: A site for French beginners for Middle School teachers to use in the classroom and for students to use at home for extra practice. There are notes, flashcards, videos, and several online exercises, stressing differentiated instruction. There are also links to my other 2 sites: 5th and 8th grade French.

Wiki : French Resources and Activities Wiki
Learner : María José POVEDANO
School : IES nº1 Universidad Laboral, Málaga (SPAIN)
Description : A site maintained by the teacher, Mª José Povedano, where students of french can connect with each other and find new ways to learn and improve French Language. Il's also a site for French beginners for Middle School teachers to use in the classroom and for students to use at home for extra practice

Wiki: Follow Me Maths
Teacher:Daniel Stucke
School: St Peter's RC High School, Manchester, UK
Description: This is an updated version of my KS3 Maths SoW wiki. It is an on-line scheme of work for teachers, pupil and parents of St Peter's RC High School in Manchester. The KS3 scheme is an adaptation of the UK National Framework for Maths, and the KS4 scheme is an adaptation of the Edexcel GCSE programme of study.

Wiki: gcsehistory[[teacherknowledge:home|]]
Teacher: Doug Belshaw - mrbelshaw mrbelshaw
School: Ridgewood School, Doncaster, England
Description: A knowledge repository and means of communication for my GCSE History students
Topic: History (Development of Medicine Through Time & the American West)

Wiki: Gifted Kids Network
Teacher: Michelle Eckstein
School:**Gifted Kids Network**
Description: Examples of student work in the Gifted Kids Network
Topic: Science and Social Studies grades 3-8

Wiki: Gilley's Wiki Training Page
Teacher: Susan Gilley
School: Bergman/TIE Cadre Trainer
Description: This wiki is the training modules and step-by-step lessons from the training I conduct for teachers. It's also a semi-blog of the highlights of various trainings that I attend during the year.

Wiki: Global Warming and the impact of Climate Change
Teacher: Rebecca McFadyen
Description: This wiki for students to use to investigate and report on the impact of climate change and global warming on the earth and all who live upon it.

Wiki: Globally Speaking
Teacher: Becky Reiter
Description: This wiki was designed to support our research projects on issues teens face and to provide a forum for these disuccussions with teens from around the globe.

Wiki: Go West!
Teacher: Cindy Bode
District: Woodward Academy
Description: Created by third graders during a unit study of pioneers and the westward expansion.

Wiki: Grazing for Digital Natives
Teacher: Jennifer Dorman
District: Central Bucks School District
Description: This wiki houses professional resources for teachers, administration, and staff developers to facilitate the rigorous and relevant integration of educational technologies. Topics included are digital storytelling, podcasting, blogs, wikis, and social learning networks.

Wiki Greece Webquest
Teacher: Mrs. Yanko, Mrs. Silverman and Mrs. Cummings
District: Sweet Home Central Schools
Description: This wiki is designed to encourage students to learn about Ancient Greece.

Wiki: Griffin Gazette
Teacher: Mrs. Meg Griffin
District: Central Bucks School District
Description: This wiki serves as a home page for my parents and the students.

Wiki: gsnsroom16.wikispaces.com
Teacher:Disa McLean
District:Otago, New Zealand
Description: This is my classes wiki, the students are year 2 and 3 (6,7 and 8 year olds). It is an example of how to use a wiki with younger children. I have linked this to my action research page which explains my journey with the wiki space and links to various parts of the site. I hope that it is helpful to others.

Wiki: Haugen's Tech Tips Wiki
Teacher: Kirsten Haugen
District: Eugene 4J, Oregon
Description: This wiki is a collection of resources for students and teachers to learn about useful technologies for teaching and learning. Wikis, blogging, podcasting, digital photography, stop motion animation, student publishing projects, assistive technology and more.

Wiki: http://healigan08-09.wikispaces.com
Teacher: Leslie Healey
School: St. Mark's High School, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Description: This is our first year, so the first semester was spent learning to be comfortable with all the ways that the wiki will change our learning process (most original material generated by teacher). Students are generating and controlling the wiki second semester. So far we have been using the wiki in a project-based manner. Our companion blog (Healigan's Home) is primarily a writing adjunct for all my classes. June 2009: What a great year! The honors seniors BUILT six pages on world poets, and then the college prep seniors used the pages to do scavenger hunts and explication essays. We are all happy and had fun.

Wiki: Hench Maths
Teacher: Graeme Henchel
School: Lilydale Heights College, Aus
Description: A collection of mainly ICT based resources for maths teachers and students structured around the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Examples include excell and powerpoint actvities and organised lists of online activities. The wiki also includes some pages devoted to coaching and digital portfolios.

Wiki: Herramientas Web Para el Aula
Teacher: Ángeles Araguz
School: IES Vista Alegre, Madrid
Description: This wiki houses a course on Web 2.0 Technologies for High School Teachers
Topic: Netvibes, Del.icio.us, Google Earth, Wikispaces, Blogs...etc.

Wiki: hhslibrarymediacenter
Teachers: Suzanne Burleson & William Bishop
School: Haleyville High School
Description: Media Center Wiki resource information covering a variety of topics.
Topic: Holocaust, WWI, LEP/ESL, Bayuex Tapestry, etc.

Wiki: http://hjc-mitchell.wikispaces.com
Teacher: Michael Mitchell
School: Harry J. Clarke Public School
Description: A space to manage our Gr. 6 classroom's daily/weekly learning through technology.

Wiki: HispaLegere
Teacher: María Jesús Rodríguez Arenas
School: Colegio Hispania, Cartagena (España)
Description: Space for our program of reading encouragment and creative writing. It's edited by teachers and students, and open to others schools and all K-12 grades. Included into my FantasTIC Project.
Descripción: Espacio para nuestro programa de Animación a la Lectura y Escritura Creativa. Está editado por profesores y alumnos, y está abierto a otros colegios y niveles educativos desde Infantil a primer ciclo de ESO. Está incluido dentro del Proyecto FantasTIC.

Wiki: Hobbitalk
Teacher: Adam Brown ( abrown68 )
School: Pocantico Hills School, Sleepy Hollow, NY
District: Pocantico Hills School District
Description: Five 5th graders and I created this wiki - our first - chronicling our journey through the book, The Hobbit. It was quite an exciting experiment. While we are now finished with the novel, we still go back and add new ideas to our wiki. It includes writing assignments, multimedia projects, and discussions.

Wiki: Holes
Teacher : Gary Elliott
School : Deira International School, Dubai
Description : Work created by students based on the book by Louis Sachar
Topic : Analyisis of the book, and some activities based around the themes of the novel

Wiki: Holicong Middle School
Teacher: Jennifer Dorman
District: Central Bucks School District
Description: This wiki is designed to support the professional learning community at Holicong Middle School. Special emphasis is paid to educational technologies and online resources.

Wiki: HyperEd.org
Contirbutor:Francisco Athens
Description: HyperEd strives to facilitate exploration of Social Justice and Visual Culture issues through the medium of Free Open Source Software! This wiki allows registrants the ability to edit and create wiki pages, create blogs, post images and participate in the forums to create a supportive community among educators around computer technology.

Wiki: IAmLiterate - Information and Media Literacy
Teacher: Kevin Amboe (IamLiterate Blog)
School: Surrey School District, Surrey, BC
Description: This space has been created to become a resource for those interested in learning and sharing about teaching and learning in the 21st Century. Kevin is often asked to present on a variety of topics, and the topics often change on short notice. This space is being created to share resources when working with conferences, and professional development.
Topic: Information and Media Literacy

Wiki: IA Today
Teachers: Mary Miner, Klaudia Janek, et al
School: International Academy High School, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Description: A gateway to all our schools wiki's. Topics include, IBChemistry, IB History, Spanish Language Culture, IB Music, Theory of Knowledge, Marine Biology, C/C++, and Staff Professional Development.
Topic: International Baccalaureate Curriculum

Wikis: id2126 (English III), id2124par (English 1-Parallel Course)
Teachers: Leticia Esteves, Dafne González, Marianela Najul, Magaly Rodriguez
School: Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB) Caracas, Venezuela
Description: A place to administer the content of our courses at USB
Topic: English for Architecture and Urban Planning

Wiki: The Incredible Journey
Teacher: Jennifer Wagner
School: None -- I host projects for teachers at Technospud.com
Description: Teachers & students are posting journal entries during the participation of an on-going travel buddy project based on the book "The Incredible Journey" and the movie "Homeward Bound."

Wiki: Informática y Filología
Teacher: Manuel López-Muñoz
School: Universidad de Almería
Description: Using this wiki for a PhD. course on the relationship between Computer Science and Philology. We are already on our second year and it is all going quite well.

Wiki: Insectos
Teachers: Pilar Sánchez & María Jesús Rodríguez Arenas
School: CEI Pipiripao, Cartagena (España)
Description: A colaborative project experiencie, carried out in preschool (P-4). The task was to investigate an insect and share data with the rest of the class. So, all together, get a global information and embody it into a traveling scrapbook and this wiki. The online wiki lets included photos and video, and it's easy to share our work with more people, so this enrich our project. Problems: parents didn't know how to edit and upload their information, so the wiki was not complete at all. Just teachers could edit the wiki.
Descripción: Experiencia de proyecto colaborativo realizado en Educación Infantil (P-4). La tarea consistió en investigar un insecto y compartir la información con el resto de compañeros para, entre todos, conseguir una información global que quedó plasmada en un libro viajero y en esta wiki. El soporte de la wiki permitía la inclusión de imágenes y vídeo, así como poder compartir con todo el mundo la investigación realizada, lo que enriquecía el proyecto. Problema: los padres no supieron subir la información, y ésta no quedó del todo completa. Sólo las profesoras editaron la página.

Wiki: InTheKnow
Teacher: Colleen Fried
School: San Jose Middle School, Marin County, CA
Description: A place for students to access homework, Language Arts/History related interactive websites in class, communication with parents on ongoing or past projects, etc.
Topic: Language Arts and History

Wiki: IBO Information in a Global Society ITGS
Teacher: Mr P Phillips
School: ISHCMC Vietnam
Description: Wiki on the IBO ITGS course also including a lot of educational research about learning online and how kids are learning for the future.

Wiki: Jennifer Barnett
Teacher: Jennifer Barnett
School: Talladega County Schools, Alabama
Description: This wiki was designed to help teachers learn about integrating technology with content standards. This page is used to facilitate professional development for teachers and introduce new web tools for learning. A favorite analogy for understanding how web 2.0 tools can enhance learning can be found on her page, My Web Wardrobe.

Wiki: Jerusalem - Montreal
Teacher:Reuven Werber and Sharon Peters
School: Neveh Channah Girls High School, Etzion Bloc, Israel and Lower Canada College, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Description: International collaborative literature project, using wikis, moodle, Google Videos, Skype to study each others literature and culture. Under the framework of IPNCL - Israel Ministry of Education.

Wiki: JIS Grade 7
Teacher: Wendy Windust
School: Jakarta International School
Description: This wiki began as a way to disseminate information and resources to my students and emerged as a way to collaborate with our school librarian, teachers, middle school principal, and classmates

Wiki: Kabodian's classes
Teacher: Aram Kabodian
School: MacDonald Middle School, East Lansing, MI, USA
Description: 7th graders share their work: science fiction stories, public service announcements, reactions to literature, and more.

Wiki: KimistryClass
Teacher: Kim Pearson
School: Greenville High School, Greenville, Georgia
Description: This site was started as a chemistry site where all the units of chemistry were posted with notes, technology assignments, tutorials/remediation, guided practice, extending/refining, practice tests, etc. Now it is evolving into a site with teacher resources, articles, standards-based classroom information, state testing resources, and Web 2.0 postings and dozens of other ideas.

Wiki: Kinesiology
Teacher: Brett Harvey
School: Crescenta Valley High School, La Crescenta, CA, USA
Description: 11th & 12th grade Kinesiology (Sports Medicine) students create online fitness training programs and sports injury information for the public

Wiki: KS3 Maths Scheme Of Work
Teacher:Daniel Stucke
School: St Peter's RC High School, Manchester, UK
Description: Changed to FollowMeMaths.

Wiki: Language Links
Teachers: Cherice Montgomery - chericem1 chericem1, Anny Fritzen, Weiqing Wang
School: Michigan State University
Description: Used by preservice teachers, student teachers, first year teachers, and their mentors to exchange ideas, information, and materials regarding foreign language teaching and learning. Articulation across university courses and into the classroom is a primary goal with the hope that this will evolve into a sustainable professional learning community that continues to exist even after instructors change and students graduate.
Topic: Foreign Language Education
Other Wikis: National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) Mentoring, Leadership, & Change Institute, Mentoring, Leadership, & Change: Designing Compelling Experiences for 21st Century Learners, TeensNTech

Wiki: Lengua latina y su literatura
Teacher: Manuel López-Muñoz
School: Universidad de Almería
Description: Using this wiki to teach some Vergil and some Latin Language and Literature. We are already on our second year and it is all going quite well.

Wiki: Learning2Go with iPods
Teacher: Charlene Chausis
School: Adlai E. Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire, IL
Description: This wiki was a 6-week collaborative effort of teachers learning to use iPods for professional development. Be sure to check out the "Load Up Your iPod" link in the sidebar for examples and links to content you can use for your learning! Feel free to add your resources as well!

Wiki: Learning Latin America
Teachers: Melanie Skatz , Kristin Hokanson
School: Upper Merion Area High School
Description: This wiki was designed as a collaborative project for 9th grade Humanities Course as a collaborative research site for teaching classmates about Latin America.

Wiki: Let's TIC English
Teacher: María Jesús Rodríguez Arenas
School: Colegio Hispania, Cartagena (España)
Description: Space as support of my English class. It contains (by grades) objetives, activities, projects, vocabulary, grammar structures, pupils' porfolio, tips for parents, links for students and teachers, etc. General pages are edited by teacher. Projects and portfolio pages are edited by students. Included into my FantasTIC Project.
Descripción: Espacio de ayuda para mis clases de inglés. Contiene (por niveles) objetivos, actividades, proyectos, vocabulario, estructuras gramaticales, portfolio de los alumnos, consejos para padres, enlaces para alumnos y profesores, etc. Las páginas generales están editadas por el profesor. Las páginas de proyectos y portfolio están editadas por los alumnos. Está incluido dentro del Proyecto FantasTIC.

Wiki: LibraryCHS
Teacher: Krystina Kelley
School: Cahokia High School
Description: This is a space for library information. Teachers may request or add information to the website. Since there is a computer lab in the library, we add a lot of links for sites that teachers want their students to use.

Wiki: LibraryZone
Librarian: Dana Dukic
School: Kowloon Junior School, Hong Kong
Description: LibraryZone is a virtual space of Kowloon Junior School Library in Hong Kong. In LibraryZone students learn about wiki and how to use it.
They work collaboratively on research projects, create information resources, write stories and exchange their ideas through wiki email and discussion pages

Wiki: **Literacy Innovations**
Teachers: Patti West-Smith and Renee Hesson
Schools: Somerset Intermediate School, Westover, MD and Mardela Middle and High School, Mardela Springs, MD
Description: A space for educators to pool resources and collaborate about the best ideas for integrating technology applications into literacy instruction.

Teacher: Cori Belle
Description: A place to share lesson plans and ideas related to teaching reading and writing in grades K-8. I've begun this wiki as a place to gather teaching resources and share them with former colleagues and new friends. I hope that it will grow into a place of collaboration and rich discussion about teaching literacy.

Wiki: Welcome to LITWIKI: British Literature and World Literature
Teacher: Leslie Healey
School: St. Mark's High School, Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Description: This is our first year, so the first semester was spent learning to be comfortable with all the ways that the wiki will change our learning process (most original material generated by teacher). Students will be generating and controlling the wiki second semester. So far we have been using the wiki ina project-based manner. Our companion blog (http://healigan.blogspot.com/) is primarily a writing adjunct for all my classes.

Wiki: LMA Connections
Teacher: Amy Barto
School: Lake Michigan Academy, Grand Rapids, MI
Description: A space for our school community (teachers, students, parents and alumni) to stay connected. For students and parents, it provides information regarding current assignments and units as some showcases for student work and collaborations. Our Language Labs (Reading) are using it for collecting interesting links and discussing books. I also use it for coordinating with Summer Program teachers.

Librarian: Natalie DiTullio
School: Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA
Description: A space for high school math students, specifically Geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 to post unit summaries.

Wiki: Lois Lowry Author Study
Teacher: Jonah Berkowitz
School: Alternative Education Program, Athens, GA
Description: This space is being used by 7th graders to create chapter summaries, character descriptions, and post responses to two Lois Lowry novels.

Wiki: MadameSpace
Teacher: Dianne Krause
School: Wissahickon High School, Ambler, PA
Description: This wikispace is intended for the students and parents of Madame Krause as well as anyone else who is interested in what is going on with Madame Krause's classes. It has/will have links to resources for French 5, French 4 and French 4 such as handouts, podcasts, videos, images and more, all organized by unit of study. The wikispace also includes information about current assignments and projects as well as class expectations and a teacher biography
Topic: French levels 3-5

Wiki: Math 12 Outcomes Portfolio
Teacher: Erick Lee
School: J.L. Ilsley High School, Nova Scotia, Canada
Description: The objective of this project is to collaboratively create an electronic portfolio that clearly and concisely explains our course curriculum outcomes and connects each outcome with a plain-language description, notes and sample problems. By using a wiki, students can work together to develop these explanations and then share them with each other.

Wiki: McGuinn History
Teacher: Sarah McGuinn
School: Notre Dame High School, San Jose, CA
Description: The site is used both to update students with homework and classwork (all lecture power points are updated to the site for students to review), but also as a way for students to respond to readings in a way that is dynamic and more feedback based. Questions are posed on the class pages which students respond to in the discussion section. Answers are pulled up in class and discussed. Discussions that are too large for class, or that students still have questions about are also posted there, so they don't feel that their voice isn't heard if they were too shy to speak up in class or if they have more to say.

Wiki: Mentoring, Leadership, & Change: Designing Compelling Experiences for 21st Century Learners
Teachers: Cindy Kendall & Cherice Montgomery - external image ckendall-sm.jpg ckendall & - chericem1 chericem1
School: Iowa State University, Michigan State University
Description: Provides collaborative opportunities for master teachers prior to, during, and following an 8-day, summer, professional development institute
Topic: Foreign Language Education
Other Wikis: National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) Mentoring, Leadership, & Change Institute, Language Links, TeensNTech

Wiki: Middle School Information Technology
Teacher: Kim Cofino (Teacher Blog)
School: Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Description: Online course curriculum for grade 6-8 IT (9 week exploratory courses). Includes links (in progress) for student produced wikis on various IT skills (Flash, FreeHand, iMovie, etc).

Wiki: Midsummer Dreaming
Teacher: Sarah Duffy/Neil Winton
School: Perth Academy, Perth, Scotland
Description: A support wiki for Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream... that kind of grew and grew and grew... 90%+ of the content is from the pupils themselves.

Wiki: Model Schools Wiki (In NY)
Teacher: Brian Smith, Tadge O'Brien
School: Monroe #1 BOCES
Description: A listing of tutorials for technology - and how and why to use it.

Wiki: MoixLand, http://www.moixland.com
Teacher: Daniel Moix
School: Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts
Description: This is my classroom wiki. My students all have accounts and contribute content for courses such as Oracle Database, Computer Programming III, Research Through Technology, Web Application Development, Computer Networking, Ethics and Technology, and Introductory Computing Elements. MoixLand is a private space open only to students and other educators. If you are researching classroom wikis and would like to look around, please contact me via email, use this form, or use the wikispaces messaging system.

Wiki: Monarch Library Wiki
Teacher: Keisa Williams - monarchlibrary monarchlibrary
School: Monarch Academy, Oakland, CA
Description: The Monarch Library wikispace serves as a teacher and student resource. It includes library news, a google calendar of the library schedule (w/ lessons), student and teaching pathfinders, books of the month, photos and videos of school events.

Wiki: Monster Project Wiki
Teacher: Terry Smith - Project Site
School: Eugene Field Elementary, Hannibal, Missouri USA
Description: We use the wiki as a place for participant intereactions during this multi-school project. Schools each describe one part of the overall monster, then all schools use the combined descriptions to create monsters and display them in their schools. The goals are communicating with students far away, using our imaginations, teamwork, compromising, and expressing ourselves with poetry, stories, audio, and video.

WIki: Mr. Bruce's U.S. History
Teacher: Lawrence Bruce - bruce1lj bruce1lj Website
School: Union City Middle School, Union City, MI
Description: This space was created to serve as a student created space that allows students create to learn. Often working in pairs or groups, topics were chosen and learned and what you see is their understanding of it. Students learning and teaching each other is one of two goals of this space. The other is the ability to publish their work to a global forum as a resource for each other as well as anyone interested in their topic.

Wiki: Mr. Kapptie
School: Powell High School
Description: World History/Economics Class website.

Wiki: Mr. Klein's Classes
Teacher: Kurt Klein
School: Village Christian High School
Description: This space is used to provide students and parents with information, links, downloads, daily assignments, and other topics related to science classes I teach: AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I hope to use it for online discussions, group projects, and other collaborative activities as well.

Wiki: Mr. Larson's Wiki
Teacher: Jeremy Larson
School: Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School
Description: This wiki space is for 7th and 8th grade American History students as well as 8th grade Ethics students. This space provides parents and students access to study materials, class information, and useful links. It is also used for online discussions and collaborative group projects.

Wiki: Mr. Monson's Grade 5 Classroom Wiki: Thousands Project
Teacher: Jay Monson
School: Nettleton Magnet School, Duluth, MN, U.S.A.
Description: Welcome to Mr. Monson's grade 5 classroom wiki. Each month I post a question for people to answer. We hope to collect 1,000 things on our list each month. Check out our other online spaces as well!

Wiki: Mr. Mundorf's Class Wiki
Teacher: Jon Mundorf
School: Tommie Barfield Elementary School, Marco Island, FL, USA
Description: While studying Universal Design for Learning (UDL) at Harvard during a summer institute, I learned about the importance of creating flexible materials that are accessible to all students. I designed a classroom Weblog (jmundorf.edublogs.org and a classroom Wiki (jmundorf.wikispaces.com) as a way of introducing his students to a new technology while at the same time using a medium that is flexible and accessible.

Wiki: Mrs. Goodwin's Online Classroom
Teacher: Shannon Goodwin
School: Childersburg High School, Childersburg, Alabama, USA
Description: This website is designed for students to access assignment, homework, projects, etc. It is also used for disucssion questions and for collaborative projects. I also use it for extracurricular activities like cheerleading. There is a page dedicated to math websites and a page with ACT study guide information.

Wiki: Ms. Schmitz' Geometry Honors
Teacher: Mary Jude Schmitz - mschmitz@nerinxhs.org
School: Nerinx Hall High School, St. Louis, Missouri USA
Description: This is a website where parents and students can access information about the Geometry Honors class such as homework or class notes and will also contribute their own notes and student work throughout the school year. I hope to add more collaborative projects during the 2008-2009 school year.

Wiki: Mr Tromp's Grade
Teacher: Calvin Tromp
School: Black Hill Primary (Elementary)
Description: Black Hill is a primary school in regional Victoria, Australia. We are a school of just over 500 students. As ICT Coordinator my challenge is to explore and model the potential new technology can have for classrooms. Wikis, along with Delicious, are two Web 2 applications I am promoting to teachers. We also have Smart Boards in every teaching space. Check out my grade's wiki which I am using to foster home-school communication and as a way for kids to publish their work.

Wiki: Ms Webster's Class Wiki
Teacher: Ms. Webster, Southern California, USA
School: San Miguel Elementary
Description: The world is our classroom. We are a group of 2nd and 3rd grade students who are sharing what we are learning with the world!

Wiki: Mr. Wildeboer's Wiki (9th grade Integrated Science)
Teacher: Mr. Wildeboer (Groton, CT)
School: Fitch High School
Description: A place where I post class schedules & some assignments. Students also post some of their work here.

Wiki: Mrs. Sheftel's Class Wiki
Teacher: Mrs. Sheftel -- Centennial, CO
School: Carl Sandburg Elementary School
Description: A class wikipage where parents and students can access information about what is happening in the classroom. We have a homework page where homework information is posted, a link page where students can find game links and informational links about the units we study in the classroom, a page where student work is posted for parents to see, a poll page where students can respond to weekly post during the school year. Also (just added) a Just for Teachers page. On this page you can find a list of helpful links that you can use in your classroom with your students!!

Wiki: mtps-art
Teacher: Dr. Roger Keller, AIA - Millburn, NJ
School: Millburn Township Public Schools - Millburn High School
Description: I started this page yesterday so teachers can coordinate work on several district wide projects relating to Visual Art, Architecture, Industrial Arts, and Dance. Currently we are setting up a district wide display of art and including a music portion as well as a dance segment. I hope it will provide a repository for our institutional memory of these events, and as we move forward, perhaps we can share some of our k-12 projects to improve vertical continuity district wide. e-mail keller@millburn.org.

Wiki: murdockenglish
Teacher: Marc Murdock
School: Kalaheo High School, Kailua, Hawai'i
Description: A bit rambling at present, a wiki for my sophomore English classes. During the third quarter, my students posted research papers and, after the dreaded Hawai'i State Assessment tests, we will be playing around with shorter-form wiki posts and links.

Wiki: MWV Science Fair Wiki
Teacher: Rick Biche -- New Hampshire
School: A. Crosby Kennett Middle School
Description: A collaborative science fair wiki housing projects from 350+ students across two schools.

Wiki: My Side of the Mountain
Teacher: Cindy Bode
School: Woodward Academy
Description: Created by fourth graders during their study of the novel, My Side of the Mountain.

Wiki: MY Learning Project
Teacher: Hua Loon
Learning Centre: The Learning Centre, Malaysia
Description: I set up this wiki for community collaboration and interest to assist me in setting up a project-based learning program and resource centre in Malaysia. We discuss issues affecting education in general, and also particularly related to the Malaysian/Asian setting and culture. Please feel free to visit and spread the word.

Wiki: My Mind To Your Mind
Teacher: Sheryl A. McCoy ; samccoy
School: Edcuational Professional Development: various sites and topics related to 21st Century Learning
Description: Maximize your Professional Learning Network by using a variety of collaborative, interactive, online applications.

Wiki: MYP-Tech
Teacher: Matt Plummer
School: Tokyo International School
Description: This is my student wiki for all things to do with MYP Technology. Students refer to it for assignments, homework and general information. Teachers new to the MYP or to Technology are welcome to visit and to use th resources within. (CC)
I have links to my Grade 7 Humanaties page that serves the same purpose. I also use Wiks for Homeroom web pages and all Middle school students have a personal wiki as a homepage and as an E-Portfolio. This is my 3rd year using Wikispaces, in my second school.

Wiki: National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) Mentoring, Leadership, & Change Institute
Teacher: Cherice Montgomery - chericem1 chericem1
School: Iowa State University & Michigan State University
Description: The collection of multimedia materials on this wiki are designed to help foreign language educators in K-8 classrooms consider the ways in which emerging technologies provide a compelling rationale for changes in the way languages are currently taught. The resources also encourage them to explore ways that web 2.0 technologies can be used to facilitate change by supporting the development of leadership capacity, mentoring, and advocacy skills.
Topic: Foreign Language Education
Other Wikis: Language Links, Mentoring, Leadership, & Change: Designing Compelling Experiences for 21st Century Learners, TeensNTech

Wiki: NCHSdduncan
Educator: Deborah Duncan
Description: The vision for this page is to make it a source for high school Chemistry II students to submit lab reports and get assignments. The Chemistry II students are on a modular rotation. Each pair works through their assignments for 2 1/2 weeks and then rotate to the next module. Each pair in the class are working on different modules.

Wiki: NCScienceWiki
Educator: Chad Kelley
Description: The vision of this educational wiki is to serve as a resource and collaboration point for science teachers, particularly North Carolina science teachers. This wiki is meant give science teachers an opportunity to post links to useful online resources and discuss instructional practices.

Wiki: Nelson Central School eLearning PD Wiki
Teacher: Rachel Boyd
School: Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand
Description: Running since 2007 and still current in 2009, this wiki contains all of the links, tutorials etc used for the professional development of our school staff in eLearning.

Wiki: Nettleton High School Spanish
Teacher: Rachel Johnson
School: Nettleton High School, Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
Description: A site for students to practice, use and have fun with Spanish as well as find out what is happening in class.

Wiki: New Tools Wiki
Teacher/Librarian: Joyce Valenza (NeverEnding Search Blog)
School: Springfield Township High School
Description: Wiki introducing 2.0 tools for professional development

Wiki: New Zealand Teachers of the Deaf
Learner: Clint Green
School: Kelston Deaf Education Centre
Description: A site where NZ teachers of the deaf can met mix and share ideas

Wiki: 1000 Names
Teacher: Kathy Cassidy, Grade 1/2
School: Westmount Elementary, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Description: My students wondered what 1000 looked like, so we are collecting 1000 names.
Other Wikis: Our Favorite Foods Graph, Our Dinosaur Wiki, Our Collaborative Hockey Story

Wiki: Portable C
Teacher: Elise Mueller
School: Larrabee Elementary, Bellingham, Washington, USA
Description: My school district has limited support for teacher web pages so this wikispace serves as an alternative

Wiki: Presidential Elections 08
Teacher/Librarian: Joyce Valenza (NeverEnding Search Blog)
School: Springfield Township High School
Description: Portals, news, interactivities, instructional materials for election study.

Wiki: Priestsic6 Class Wiki
Teacher: Tom Barrett (Teacher Blog)
School: Priestsic Primary School, Nottinghamshire, England
Description: Year 6 Class - 10/11 year olds.

Wiki: Priestsic Primary School Wikispace
Teacher: Tom Barrett (Teacher Blog)
School: Priestsic Primary School, Nottinghamshire, England
Description: Space for colleagues at this school to collaborate, author and discuss key school policies, development plans and other documents.

Wiki: Project Feel Good
Teachers: Kim Cofino and Chrissy Hellyer
Schools: MKIS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and TIS, New Zeland
Description: An international collaborative project focusing on digital video editing and online communication - also utilizing Skype and YackPack.

Wiki: Project Trinity
Teacher: Jan Abernethy (Blog)
School: Greenville Area School District, East Elementary
Description: A wikispace created by 5th grade class in Greenville, PA in an effort to make a difference in their community. The goal is to expedite the cleanup process of a hazardous waste site located next to the school.

Wiki: The Progressive Era
Teachers: Chuck Taft website and blog
Schools: University School of Milwaukee
Description: An 8th grade class assignment detailing the problems identified by the Progressives and the solutions offered during this era of reform

Wiki: Race Track Maths
Teachers: Calvin Tromp and Rob Davis
Schools: Black Hill Primary and University of Ballarat (Australia)
Description: This is a unit of work designed as a fun way to teach mapping skills using remote-control cars. Rob and I are going to showcase it to local teachers and so I developed this wiki as a follow-up to the face-to-face training.

Wiki: RAFS Education
Teacher: N/A
School: N/A
Description: A wikispace that provides course help and tutoring for students of almost any grade. Elementary, Middle, High school, etc.
Topic: Subjects range from math to science to English to foreign languages.

Wiki: Rededuca
Teacher: Laura Soulié (Lata)
School: N/A
Description: Página colaborativa. Lista de docentes de Informática Educativa de habla hispana. Incluye recursos para trabajar directamente en el aula o en casa, y herramientas y recursos para el profesor.
Topic: Múltiples áreas. Niveles de Infantil, Primaria y Secundaria.

Wiki: Retórica latina
Teacher: Manuel López-Muñoz
School: Universidad de Almería
Description: Using this wiki to teach some Rhetoric through Quintilian's writings. This is our first year.

Wiki: Richmond Hill HS Technology Committee
Teacher: Ken Dornbaum
School: Richmond Hill High School, Richmond Hill, NY
Description: This wiki is being used to help train the staff of the high school in technology issues (including the creation of wikis)

Wiki: Roosevelt Wiki
Teacher: S. Webster
School: Roosevelt Elementary
Description: Wiki for students (3-5) to share what they are learning about.
Topic: Multiple Subjects (English Language Learners)

Wiki: Room 3 TAI
Teacher: Lynne Crowe
School: Te Awamutu Intermediate, New Zealand
Description: Wiki for students and teachers in our school

Wiki: Room 9 Nelson Central's Learning Hub
Teacher: Rachel Boyd
School: Nelson Central School, Nelson, New Zealand
Description: A learning hub especially designed for these 6 year olds to use. All of our digital content is organised on the home page so that students can easily navigate to websites etc that they need to access throughout the school day. Some links may not work for visitors as you need to be signed in as us but you'll be able to see how the wiki acts like a simple web page to organise and make use of the Internet easier for these 6 year olds.

Wiki: Run to Meet you
Teacher: Paul Wilkinson
School: Freeville School New Zealand
Description: Wiki to manage our "Run to meet you" project. Students run around a track at school and record their distance. We total the distances and track our progress on a community walk map. Our current project is running to Uganda.

Wiki: school library websites
Librarian: Joyce Valenza
23things FEB09 participant: Amy Cote
Description: Librarian extraordinaire Joyce Valenza gives all sorts of pointers and tips on not only what a school library website should look like, but help w/ web 2.0 tools as they pertain to libraries and how librarians can support the ISTE standards and so much more!
Topic: School Library websites and so much more...

Wiki: Science and Learning
Teacher: Gerardo Lazaro
School: St. George's College - Lima, PERU
Description: This wiki was created as an organizational tool to deliver all the class resources provided for the 5th, 6th and 7th grade students for the subject of Science, 2008.
Topic: Science

Wiki: SD36IMLExamples - Information and Media Literacy Examples from School District #36
Teacher: Kevin Amboe
School: Surrey School District, Surrey, BC
Description: This space has been created to become a resource of examples of integration of technology in our district. Teachers are invited to add their examples of student work from their own class projects.
Topic: Information and Media Literacy Student Examples

Wiki: SEI
Teacher: Ángeles Araguz
School: IES Vista Alegre, Madrid
Description: A Wiki covering the curriculum for high School Profesional Education students covering topics related to IT Tecnlogies, used as a teacher? book. You are very wellcome to colaborate with us in any way. Se trata de un wiki que cubre el curriculum del ciclo de Formación Profesional de grado medio, Sistemas Electrónicos de Información, y lo uso como libro de profesor. Sois bienvenidos a colaborar en nuestro proyecto.

Wiki: Selearninggames
Teacher: all of us (but I am Sandra Dickinson)
School: the world wide web
Description: a wikispace for social entrepreneurs to make a learning game together that will solve the mystery of nonprofit earned income venture profitability.

Teacher: Brandt Schneider
School: Seymour High School, Seymour, CT, USA
Description: Grade 9-12 Wiki for Web Design Class. Check out cheerleading page.

Wiki: Southwest Middle School
Teacher: Chan Foresman, Gary Miller
School: Southwest Middle School, Rapid City, SD, USA
Description: Designed for school training in RSS feed, Wiki, Blog, Social Bookmarking and more...

Wiki: SraBurden's Wiki
Teacher: Lisa Burden
School: Eastern Hills Middle School, Killeen ISD, TX, USA
Description: A wikispace used as a social networking space for 8th grade Spanish I students. Students use wikis to host their Spanish assignments and projects such as podcasts, Vokis, PhotoBuckets with descriptions of friends, music playlists, and coming up, videos of student-made weather reports. Next, we wish to connect with email penpals in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries as well as American students elsewhere learning Spanish I.

Wiki: Study Skills
Teacher: Kim Cofino (Teacher Blog)
School: Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Description: Grade 6 students create an online reference to help other students with their study skills.

Wiki: Subject discussion
Teacher: Members of the space help each other
School: Any school is welcome to join
Description: This space is private which means you have to request membership I will accept as many as I can. There are tools to help everyone with Homework and there are links to help you better understand the Subject. This Space is still growing it is really new I am working on it as best as I can. There is a chat program to ask other members a question. It is really easy to join and lets make it fun to be in this space, Members can also tell me what to add to make It keep everyone's attention.

Wiki: Sylvia
Teacher: Sally Tippett
School: Staffordshire LEA (UK)
Description: Help us to write a story all about Sylvia - who is she, where does she go and who does she meet?

Wiki: Sheehy's English Wiki
Teacher: Geoffrey Sheehy - mrsheehy mrsheehy
School: Rapid City Central High School, Rapid City, South Dakota
Description: An interactive spot for me to post and lead students through lessons. It's use changes as fast as ideas can go.
Topic: English literature

Wiki: Show 1c
Teacher: - harmdillen harmdillen Jun 21, 2007
School: Leidscherijn College, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Description: A project about optics and the visual system. Wiki is in Dutch and built by students.

Wiki: SLMS Book Exchange
Teacher: Corry Robbins - slmslibrary slmslibrary
School: Southern Lehigh Middle School, Center Valley, PA
Description: A student-created list of 600+ fabulous middle school books which includes book reviews, reviewer opinions, suggestions for further reading and podcasted excerpts.

Wiki: Socionatural
Teacher: Francisco Daniel Sánchez Vázquez. - dasava dasava
Otros wikis: Panela, Poemas
School: CEIP Príncipe Felipe. Motril (Granada). Spain
Description: Construcción del conocimiento desarrollando temas socionaturales con alumnado de 3º y 4º de Primaria.

Wiki: Spanish-Farb
Teacher: Leigh Murrell - lmurrell lmurrell
School: Farb Middle School, San Diego, CA, USA
Description: Used by my 7th and 8th grade students as an end of the year assignment to compile an Encyclopedia of their knowledge of the class using the structure of our textbook En Español
Topic: Spanish

Wiki: spudbiz
Teacher: Ann Hagen - ahagen ahagen
School: Moorhead High School, MN, USA
Description: Used by business education and technology students to create tutorials, research, discussions, etc.

Wiki: stctechnology
Teacher: Jutka Czirok - mschongkong mschongkong
School: Sha Tin College, Hong Kong, NT
Description: Three sites in one. Used as teaching & learning resources for lower school, GCSE and IB Design & Technology students

Wiki: Stanley Tech History Wiki
Teacher: Dafydd Humphreys - Dhumphreys Dhumphreys
School: Stanley Technical School, Croydon, Surrey, England
Description: Active exam revision articles and editing for my GCSE History students, and soon, Key Stage 3 students.
Topic: History (Development of Crime, Punishment and Protest Through Time and the American West)

Wiki: Student Book Review
Student: Jessica G.
School: Mardela Middle School, MD, USA
Purpose and description: Student book review was created for the Mardela Middle High School Technology Media Festival.
It is a wiki created by a student for other students to write reviews for their favorite books.

Wiki: SummerReadingTMS
School: Thomas Middle School, IL, USA
Description: We do a one-school, one-book summer read at our middle school. This year, every 6th-, 7th-, and 8th-grade student was to read the novelHoot by Carl Hiassen. Over the summer, students went on the wiki to have an online discussion of the book. Questions and comments were posted by students, teachers, and administrators.

Wiki: TalkaboutPrimaryMFL
Teacher: Jo Rhys-Jones and members of Talkabout Primary MFL ning
School: Kingswear Primary and various schools of the above members
Description: A place for teachers to categorise, collate, share and upload resources/links/lessonplans that help mutually support anybody teaching (or intending to teach) a foreign language in a Primary school (UK ages 3 to 11). Some pages are also intended for use by students to showcase work and encourage international collaboration.

Wiki: TeachLibrary
Teacher: Samuel Jackendoff [user: jackendoff]
School: Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pittsburgh, PA USA
Description: This site is for the teacher-librarians of the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and teacher-librarians from other districts, to share lesson plans for teaching Information Literacy and library skills.

Wiki: Teacherknowledge
Teacher: Jay Fogleman - fogleman fogleman
School: University of Michigan School of Education
Description: Wiki for Science Education Teaching Methods students.
Topic: Preparing to teach science at the secondary level.

Wiki:Teacher Portal
Teachers: Suzie Vesper
School: Muritai School and eight others, Wellington, NZ
Description: This wiki is a resource for the teachers within our cluster of schools. It has year group spaces for the teachers working with the same level of children containing great links for the age group and ICT integration ideas appropriate to the age group. It also has a media centre with great videos for education as well as a number of other resources.
Topic: Teacher resource site.

Wiki: Teaching with Technology
Teacher: Anne Baird, an eLearning coach and manager of the Loddon Mallee 1:1 laptop program in Victoria, Australia.
Description: This wiki is a repository of resources and ideas for teachers and students who are interested in utilising Web2.0 tools and applications in education.

Wiki: Teampedia - Educational Icebreakers and Team Building Activities
Description: Teampedia is a collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities, free icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams that anyone can edit! Teampedia is designed for a wide audience including: team leaders, trainers, teachers, managers, camp directors, counselors, and youth groups.

Wiki: Team8blue and Team8bluesavestheworld
Teacher: Cathy Laguna
School: Milford Middle School, Quakertown, PA
Description: An 8th grade science and math classroom, how we use our wiki to demonstrate what we are learning.

Wiki: Tech2Learn
Teacher: Brenda Sherry
School: Upper Grand District School Board, Ontario CA
Description: A wiki to collect and share resources for assistive software, digital storytelling, smartboards, and learning with video games.

Wiki: Tech4DI
Teachers: Bill Dolton - - dolton dolton
School: Lower Merion School District, Ardmore, PA
Description: A public wiki is to collect and share resources linking computer and information technology with differentiated instruction.
Topic: Differentiated Instruction, Information Technology

Wiki: TeensNTech
Teachers: Cherice Montgomery - chericem1 chericem1
School: Michigan State University
Description: A resource for secondary teachers interested in exploring the use of social technologies in foreign language education
Topic: Foreign Language Education
Other Wikis: Language Links, Mentoring, Leadership, & Change: Designing Compelling Experiences for 21st Century Learners, National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL) Mentoring, Leadership, & Change Institute,

Wiki: TeenTalk
Teachers: Kim Cofino and David James
Schools: MKIS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Kaufman, ISD, USA
Description: An international collaborative project to allow teens in the US and Malaysia to get to know each other - also utilizing Skype andYackPack.

Wiki: Terry the Tennis Ball
Teacher: Mr Pearce
School: Bellaire Primary School, Geelong VIC Australia
Description: Students in Geelong, Australia building a "choose your own path" story. Collaborative Storytelling where students contribute based on certain instructions they have been given to create a story together.

Wiki: 3rdgrade
Teacher: Tyson Spraul
School: Twin Chimneys Elementary, O'Fallon MO U.S.A.
Description: A classroom website under continuous revision. Mostly used for classroom management at this point, but will also be used for publishing student work. Created with pbwiki.

Wiki: TONEhome
Teacher: Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Yanko, Mr. Stockmeyer, Mrs. Setter, & Mrs. Cummings
School: Sweet Home Middle School
Description: This wiki is to make everyone's life easier. The team has one site to use with each core class having their own page. These pages are used to provide links to sites that the teacher would like to use for lessons. It is much easier to update the wiki than to take 25 computers and bookmark them individually. This is working great since all teachers are organizers and can change their own links on their own class page. This came in handy for Pi Day when we needed the links for only one day. We have expanded the wiki to include a homework page, this lists the current homework for all classes on one page and keeps a history of the homework for the current quarter.

Wiki: Turning Points
Teacher: Chuck Taft website and blog
School: University School of Milwaukee
Description: This was my big experiment at the end of the year. My students completed their final unit in American History (Civil Rights, Cold War, Vietnam) by creating online notebooks, with notes, class activities, homework assignments, and projects. The examples are on my navigation page, while my students' work is available on the different periods listed on the home page. I also surveyed my students on the use of the digital notebooks, and I would be glad to share those results with you.

Wiki: UDL Toolkit
Teacher/Librarian: Karen Janowski and Joyce Valenza (NeverEnding Search Blog)
School: Springfield Township High School
Description: New tools that remove obstacles for learning for all students

Wiki: ushistoryburns
Teacher: Michael Burns
School: Southside High School, Elmira, NY USA
Description: This space is a resource and work space for my students taking Advance Placement U.S. History. This site features an assignment called "Who Killed Tommy J" adapted from a simulation assignment created by master teacher Eric Rothschild of Scarsdale, N.Y.

Wiki: usnprealgebra
Teacher: Joel Bezaire (Classroom 2.0 profile) - French: Middle School jbezaire
School: University School of Nashville, Nashville, TN
Description: An In-Progress Wiki for the 2007-2008 school year. This will engage my Pre Algebra classes when they are away from class, when they need help with assignments, when they need to review lessons again, etc.

Wiki: Vocabulary Web 2.0
Teacher: J. Thomas
Location: Thomasville, USA
Description: A Web 2.0 wiki for educators who teach large amounts of vocabulary

Wiki: VoiceThread 4 Education
Teacher: Colette Cassinelli edtechVISION
Description: A comprehensive collection of VoiceThread examples from students and teachers of all ages and groups. The purpose of this wiki is to gather examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classrooms (or for professional development) and to share those examples.

Wiki: vsplace
Teacher: Paul Villavisanis
School: Bartram Trail High School, St. Johns, FL
Description: First time user trying to create a space where students in English 3 can work together on writing assignments, participate in discussions about novels, and share their knowledge of American Lit. I have no idea if this will work.

Wiki: VMC Corley
Teachers: - Ken Corley (kcorley@pembinatrails.ca)
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
School: Vincent Massey Collegiate
Description: A place for students' course work
Topic: Social Studies (Geography, Canadian History, World Issues)

Wiki: Web 2.0 for Vocabulary
Teacher: J. Thomas
Location: Thomasville, USA
Description: A Web 2.0 wiki for educators who teach large amounts of vocabulary

Wiki: Web 2.0 Learning Tool
Teacher: Gary Miller
Location: Rapid City, SD
Description: This wiki is used for teacher inservices, to teach Web 2.0 to students and for personal learning.

Wiki: Web in the Classroom
Teacher: Lesley Edwards
Location: North Vancouver, BC Canada
School: Seycove Secondary School
Description: A resource for teachers using the Internet with students. Focus on Internet Safety, Search Techniques and building assignments requiring critical thinking.

Wiki: The Wright Three
Teacher: Nancy Bosch
School: Shawnee Mission Public Schools
Description: This is the first wiki we did using it to discuss Frank Lloyd Wright and the book The Wright 3. Let me know if you want to hear about the other research wikis we did this year.

Wiki: webtoolsforeducators
Educator: Susan Brooks-Young
Location: Lopez Island, WA
Description: A resource for teachers who are interested in using Web 2.0 tools in their classrooms. Includes examples.

Wiki: Westmont Wiki
Teacher/Librarian: Linda Houle
School: Westmont Junior High School
Description: Site designed to share Internet resources with students, teachers, parents and wiki visitors. Content developed based on junior high curriculum and classroom projects. Site also contains teacher pages with a variety of content for students and/or parents.

Wiki: Westwood Schools
Teacher: Vicki Davis
School: Westwood Schools, GA U.S.A.
Description: Space for organizing the student classroom and projects and classroom instruction.

Wiki: Whites-Geometry-Wiki
Teacher: Chris White
School: Stillwater Area High School
Description: A resource for Geometry (1st version 2006-2007, Revamp in progress)

Teachers: Ángel Martínez - - 4ngel 4ngel
Location: Spain, Asturias
Description: Wiki de aula para la asignatura Tecnología. (spanish language)
Topic: Technology, Computing, Internet, Tecnología, Informática

Wiki: Wikids
Teacher: Barry Desborough (Retired teacher) - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough Dec 7, 2006
School: The internet
Description: Wiki for instuctional material designed for use by small children.
See my project proposal for a collaborative wiki. Please contact me via the discussion page there.
Topic: Life. Foundational concepts in biology.

Wiki: Wiki Historia
Teacher: Jeremy Larson
School: Grace- St. Luke's Episcopal School
Description: This wiki is a student created encyclopedia of American History. The wiki was created by 7th and 8th grade students. Each student created 3 pages over the course of the year.

Wiki: Wiki-land
Teachers: Andrew Bendelow - - abendelow abendelow
Schools: York Community High School
Location: Elmhurst, Illinois, USA
Description: a home base for English and Speech classes for 14-18 year olds, established Sept. '08

Wiki: Wiki-Teacher
Teacher: Justin White (suggestions@wiki-teacher.com)
School: Any , Clark County School District (Las Vegas, NV USA)
Description: A site where teachers can upload lessons, units, and videos of best practices.
All resources can be searched by keyword, grade, content area, curriculum, and NV standards.
Topic: Lesson Plans, Units Plans, Best Practices, etc...

Wiki: Wiki-wEaSeL
Teacher: Brian Jackson
School: IB World schools, any school with an English class
Description: A site for English language students and teachers that serves as a cooperative learning and teaching environment. There are links for ESL students and teachers. Lesson plans and other resources for English teachers and secondary students who are native English speakers. There are also links for IBO students' English courses and links to poetry, literature and writing workshops.
Topic: IB English, ESL, Resources, Poetry, Literature, Writing...

Wiki: Wikicampus
Teacher: Mauri Kantola
School: Turku University of Applied sciences
The collaboration wiki of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland. A wiki where all the stakeholders of the University (students, alumni, teachers, researchers and partners) can collaborate and support their processes and projects.
Topic: Lesson Plans, projects, Units Plans, themes, ePortfolios

Wiki: worldofbiology and worldofbiology09
Teacher: Vojtech Markus
School: The King David School, Melbourne, Australia
Description: A site for senior secondary biology students where course material, activities, homework and student collaboration is catered for.
Topic: Senior Biology
Feel free to contact me if you would like more info about anything on the wikis or you would like to comment or share teaching ideas.

Wiki: YABook List
Teacher: Debra Kauer
School: USD 495
Description: This is an on-going project to compose a number of reading lists for young adults. It begins with books listed by genre, and then has a list that shows the books that are in series. Books in series are listed in the the order they should be read. There will also be specialty list that might be used to enhance a particular lesson. Currently, the only specialty list started is one based on 'hero quests.' In the future there will also be links to award winning books, and a continual list of Teen Top Ten books published by YALSA.

Teacher/Librarians: Kathy Kawasaki, Nevil Keogh, D. R. Scott Library
School: York Mills Collegiate, Toronto, Canada
Description: A school library resources wiki where resources are posted by course and by assignment. Here, students have 24x7 access to resources for particular assignments and teacher-librarians have an online database of their pathfinders.

Wiki: Creative Web Tools For and By Kids
Teacher: Jackie Gerstein
School: Sahuarita Unified School Arizone
Description: Creative Web Tools For and By Kids is a WIki project designed for students, ages 8 to 12, to use emerging technologies for engaging, thinking, learning, collaborating, creating, and innovating. tudents identify a topic of interest. A WIki page is created for that topic. This page is used to identify specific learning goals, to locate and post links to sites that support those interests, and to begin creating web-based projects to creatively demonstrate their learning experiences. Students are encouraged to work on that page with one or more other students from their own classroom and from other classrooms who join the project.

Wiki: Mendez US History
Teacher: Chris Miraglia
School: Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School, Santa Ana CA
Description: A classroom resource for US history classes. Students from the various classes create wikis as a tools for learning subject matter in United States history. The class wikis are updated once the school year begins. The teacher wiki is used for downloads of subject material for students.

Wiki; Teenagers Guide to Everywhere
Teacher: Geoff Sheehy
School: Central High School, Rapid City, SD
Description: Students in English class researched interesting information about a place and created FAQs for it. The combined effort has produced a kind of travel guide for fellow teenagers. A Google map and tags help visitors navigate to interesting places, and each year students in English 9 will add to the wiki.

More Class Wikis